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My reflections on life

for those who are twisted enough to see what is inside

Here is the little sheep in me conforming to the rest of my friends who have live journals. I figure if everyone else is doing it, why can't I? I fell over bearing the weight of the peer pressure! Anyway, since I am suppose to do a mini-biography, I'm over here at the big WU studying to be an elementary teacher. I'm in my final year!! WOOOOHOOO I enjoy long luxurious bubble baths and walks on the beach. Ok, Now I'm being serious, I also like hanging out with friends, watching some TV, seeing movies, and being goofy online.

This live journal will start to slowly make a transition from my crazy quiz obsession and bitching to my reflections on my teaching. No names will be used of course (cause that will be bad) but I hope to start reflecting on how I do and maybe help out others with my experience. Should be good :)